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  • 3. International Congress for POA
    Paris: 7th to 9th Oct. 2016

    Identity: Psycho Organic Analyst

    30th Birthday Party 8th October 2016

    Psycho Organic Analysts (POA) do have the capacity to work with specific concepts and the potential for transformation to the welfare of our clients in various fields of application. The way practitioners transmit aims and objectives, intentions and values of our work effects strongly the way we are perceived by our “customers” – especially in societies with narrow laws on psychotherapy.

    How to present our work to general public, to our colleagues? What is the purpose, the intention, the benefit of our work for our clients, for society? Do Psycho Organic Analysts offer a specific working relation to clients? Which concepts, which methods do stimulate my practice presently? How to deal with crisis? How to work in a social field, in associations or companies?

    The third international congress of Psycho Organic Analysts will generate a forum for sharing experiences and viewpoints related to these multiple questions. Thus we will improve our strength and position in society – for mutual benefit.

    Enjoy to share, enjoy to explore ...